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Holt Creative Staffing
                                          Commitment to customer service makes us different.  In today‚Äôs fast pace business environment, Holt can provide skilled contingent and permanent staff members who can keep the pace in your environment. 
Holt Creative Staffing is a temporary and permanent placement agency specializing in creative staffing solutions for word-processing departments in investment banks and legal firms. Our parent company Holt Computer Training, Inc., tested and designed a training program to meet the needs of Investment Banks' and Legal Firms' 24hr word-processing environment. The cooperative efforts of these two companies put Holt Creative Staffing on the cutting edge of the temporary agency industry.
Our customized orientation includes hands-on preparation of your firm's pitchbook templates, presentation layouts, and macros at our computer training center.

Our team members have completed an in-house Customer Care Training Program.   A program that focuses on verbal and written communication skills, time management, internet usage, professionalism, telephone etiquette, dealing with difficult people and advance software training.     
Although we specialize in providing personnel for investment banks and legal firms, our market is not limited to these industries. Holt Creative Staffing understands the unique needs of a corporate environment. We provide staffing for the entire corporate industry.

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Call us today!  212-732-1774